[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 175 – 176 – Ending

Chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm


1a 1b

The peach can instantly bring you back …

– The force is strong, but the child’s power is also amazing!


You will fall in love with two men.  – ??


“Yes… I have to go back …. but how can I get back to the person I love”

1e 1f

1g 1h

– Is the name of our child… ?  … Willow flower!    

– MOM….



2a 2b 2c 2d 2e2f

My sister, Su Yi, died… You also know that I can stay young thanks to the Peach…. But as immortal, the longevity… have a bunch of problems….

Becoming immortal, it will always  …  You remember, a long time ago I listen your conversation with Tayi… something about Willow flower and Peach.

2g 2h

– This time my daughter is upto something..!  Who the hell is she, unexpectedly she is so disobedient...   You know as a child, I was a very good boy!

(It seems to me very similar with what you used to do ;))))     (I want to be … and dad…)

2i 2j

I don’t want to eat the peach (in fact, she did  ;)))

– … Could you please … do not leave ..


I will never let you die...


2n 2o

– If you die, I will die as well….

– No … Mui, we still have our daughterYou are the Guard of Liu Hua..

I promise you I will protect her as well as

2p 2q 2r

If I was still restricted to stay there, do ….  If you didn’t forget me… could you come to see me?

It doesn’t matter… No matter what you become...

Thank you, Mui…   You are my happiness!

2l 2s2t 2u 2v

[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 171 – 174

Source Chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

4a 4b 4c 4d

Dumb… swords!

– Weak child can grow up…


go with your parents!   

Dragon King? !



5a 5b

– Finally you can remember… what you have done to him..

(-Can you tell me your real name?   – Ice barbarians)


(I just want to protect our child,…… What exactly have I done good at all?)

Mom, who is she?

…… (I’m sorry, Mui)



6a 6b6c6d

– Hou Yi!

I like your child… it can not be laid … this is the most stupid thing I’ve done..

“Why don’t you leave   –  You are the majesty in my world...”

– Please go away, Princess.



7a 7b 7c 7d

You have worked hard now…we seemed to have seperate outside

No, I have to come back and meet Soah… We promise to see again.. and I have to think of the baby’s name.

7e7f 7g

These are…. AUNT?”


[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 168 – 170

Source Chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

1a 1b1c

Before leaving, he looked straight in your face… and promised he would come back soon”.   – “Really?”

1d 1e1f

No more lost/ separate…   – As soon as I finish everything i will come back for u…my heart!

Promise me you will not die or hurt



2a 2b 2c

Now that more people are disappearing… People seem to start protesting against you.

– I heard that Miss Nong hass scattered insurgents / rebellion...

In order to prevent the same thing happens again, we need to gather time and power…for the final battle”.


Mui, I will protect our child, just go…  I must be strong….I am ot only a flat/normal human but also a MOM!



3a 3b3c3d

– Can also be the parents…. The rest to me…

You hold every thing too much…. but this way will only lead to the decrease in the number of gods...   Sure, such as the situation of Hou Yi…what happened to Yin Yee Kuk?

[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 163 – 167

source chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

1a 1b 1c 1d

We both know the convention! … You need to survive...

Although we have power…. but we both unfortunately ended in death


“I will do my best to eliminate anyone who wants to decide and stop me...”



I was not …the one who can accompany you by eligibility...

Is that you who …..because of you the Mother of Craven/Heart died……. I have no other choice since my life has entrusted to this guy.


Mother and I have set an appointment to see grandpa and grandma– Good…

How did mom and dad first meet? Tell me about the good and bad things…

– I pretended to be a farmer’s son when I went by her country…when I first met her I still didn’t know that I was in love with her...   From that time I have decided that: I would like to protect human.



2 2a2b

Don’t waste time on those people… send useful ones…to fulfill my satisfaction!”

“Now you have to desert/abandon me, Mui… ?”

“If you guys would like to eventually … so..you will in what never.. ?”

2c 2d



You and daughter are two most important people to me in this world… if I can stop the time I will keep this moment forver

3c 3d

– “Has every thing been solved yet? Why don’t you wake me up?

I would like to look at your face more..


– “What is the problem? Do you need to fight against st?

– “If I can hide something, I will still keep it away from you...”

– “You are not alone, Mui… Don’t do harm to yourself..


Sorry, Soah (vegetable son)  … I can only stay temporarily for a few moments… I will have to leave soon...


Tomorrow morning, Zhu Tong will find you and take you to his place…Stay there, I will pick you up soon…I will also not keep you waiting so long.

Good, I understand. Don’t worry about us…I will protect Willow flower.

I will come back soon!

[SPOIL] The bride of water god Chap 159 – 161

Raw Source: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

CHAP 159a b c d“As long as you are by my side… willow flowers are great, fortunately”

e“What about u?”

f g h“As long as you and our child are around me, I spent…”

CHAP 160

o1 o2 o3o4 o5

-“A Trap?”    – “Yes”


Why should’nt we end the war sooner, to reduce more expense?”


CHAP 160

1 2 3

-“He certainly deserves to be the King, try… Mother, you know West King (water god), If you fall down now…”


“Lucky girl”

5 6