[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 168 – 170

Source Chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

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Before leaving, he looked straight in your face… and promised he would come back soon”.   – “Really?”

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No more lost/ separate…   – As soon as I finish everything i will come back for u…my heart!

Promise me you will not die or hurt



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Now that more people are disappearing… People seem to start protesting against you.

– I heard that Miss Nong hass scattered insurgents / rebellion...

In order to prevent the same thing happens again, we need to gather time and power…for the final battle”.


Mui, I will protect our child, just go…  I must be strong….I am ot only a flat/normal human but also a MOM!



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– Can also be the parents…. The rest to me…

You hold every thing too much…. but this way will only lead to the decrease in the number of gods...   Sure, such as the situation of Hou Yi…what happened to Yin Yee Kuk?

[SPOIL] The bride of water god Chap 159 – 161

Raw Source: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

CHAP 159a b c d“As long as you are by my side… willow flowers are great, fortunately”

e“What about u?”

f g h“As long as you and our child are around me, I spent…”

CHAP 160

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-“A Trap?”    – “Yes”


Why should’nt we end the war sooner, to reduce more expense?”


CHAP 160

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-“He certainly deserves to be the King, try… Mother, you know West King (water god), If you fall down now…”


“Lucky girl”

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