[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 175 – 176 – Ending

Chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm


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The peach can instantly bring you back …

– The force is strong, but the child’s power is also amazing!


You will fall in love with two men.  – ??


“Yes… I have to go back …. but how can I get back to the person I love”

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1g 1h

– Is the name of our child… ?  … Willow flower!    

– MOM….



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My sister, Su Yi, died… You also know that I can stay young thanks to the Peach…. But as immortal, the longevity… have a bunch of problems….

Becoming immortal, it will always  …  You remember, a long time ago I listen your conversation with Tayi… something about Willow flower and Peach.

2g 2h

– This time my daughter is upto something..!  Who the hell is she, unexpectedly she is so disobedient...   You know as a child, I was a very good boy!

(It seems to me very similar with what you used to do ;))))     (I want to be … and dad…)

2i 2j

I don’t want to eat the peach (in fact, she did  ;)))

– … Could you please … do not leave ..


I will never let you die...


2n 2o

– If you die, I will die as well….

– No … Mui, we still have our daughterYou are the Guard of Liu Hua..

I promise you I will protect her as well as

2p 2q 2r

If I was still restricted to stay there, do ….  If you didn’t forget me… could you come to see me?

It doesn’t matter… No matter what you become...

Thank you, Mui…   You are my happiness!

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