Taiwanese Meat Sauce with Mushrooms (台式香菇肉燥)

Let’s make it one day 🙂

Food Lab Asia

Experiment: Taiwanese Meat Sauce with Mushrooms (台式香菇肉燥)

Well after I made the Miso Meat Sauce last time… I just fell in love with meat sauce. Not because I love meat in particular, but it’s just SUPER convenient. It’s pretty much good for ANYTHING. If you don’t know what to eat, just make rice or noodles, microwave some meat sauce and Ta Da~ A meal is done.

Anyway, this facebook blogger that I subscribe to… she was making meat sauce too!!! This time she made the Taiwanese Meat Sauce with mushrooms. It looked super yummy… so I decided to make it so that my miso meat sauce won’t be too lonely in the freezer…

You can pretty much order this meat sauce on rice in every TW restaurants. I guess it’s like a basic dish for TW cuisine? Hmm… It’s not hard to make, but it’s a lot of preperation…

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