[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 175 – 176 – Ending

Chinese raw: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm


1a 1b

The peach can instantly bring you back …

– The force is strong, but the child’s power is also amazing!


You will fall in love with two men.  – ??


“Yes… I have to go back …. but how can I get back to the person I love”

1e 1f

1g 1h

– Is the name of our child… ?  … Willow flower!    

– MOM….



2a 2b 2c 2d 2e2f

My sister, Su Yi, died… You also know that I can stay young thanks to the Peach…. But as immortal, the longevity… have a bunch of problems….

Becoming immortal, it will always  …  You remember, a long time ago I listen your conversation with Tayi… something about Willow flower and Peach.

2g 2h

– This time my daughter is upto something..!  Who the hell is she, unexpectedly she is so disobedient...   You know as a child, I was a very good boy!

(It seems to me very similar with what you used to do ;))))     (I want to be … and dad…)

2i 2j

I don’t want to eat the peach (in fact, she did  ;)))

– … Could you please … do not leave ..


I will never let you die...


2n 2o

– If you die, I will die as well….

– No … Mui, we still have our daughterYou are the Guard of Liu Hua..

I promise you I will protect her as well as

2p 2q 2r

If I was still restricted to stay there, do ….  If you didn’t forget me… could you come to see me?

It doesn’t matter… No matter what you become...

Thank you, Mui…   You are my happiness!

2l 2s2t 2u 2v

22 thoughts on “[Spoil] The bride of Water God chap 175 – 176 – Ending

    • She already ate the Peach to become immortal. But, she feels guilty because her sister has died… it maybe difficult for her to change from a human life to an immortal life… she wants to die as a normal person. Then, Mui can come to find her in her another, after life… they will fall in love again…and again… the author may want us to imagine in our own way 🙂 It is still a HE for me 🙂

      • so in the end, soah and habeak live happily ever after in immortal lives? i cant get into the story ;'(

      • Yah, me too. Couldn’t get into it. I think she said that she not eat that peach and want to die like a human cuz she didnt know she had fed it by he daugher before. And i bet she will know that somedays and she live happily forever after with the water god like immortal.

  1. Hello, I’m Senriin from a scanalations group and I’ve been trying to get the chinese raws for Ch. 176 of Bride of the Water God, but I can’t seem to download it from 17kk.com because of the point system. Is there any way you could email it to me? If you can, please send it to senriichan@gmail.com Thank you~! >_<

  2. Sorry to spoil the mood of the comments below but this is a bittersweet ending as soah chose not to continue eating the peach. Habaek begs her not to, but he cannot force her to change her decision. in addition, the order of the chap 175-176 is in a slightly wrong order. I can’t really accurately say which are in the wrong order but basically 175 ends with the part where soah telling habaek that she does not want to eat anymore of the peach.

    • I just copy it from the raw pages in Chinese. I have no knowledge of Chinese…but I had some Chinese friends help to translate. Let s wait until some Scanlation groups finish translating… In my opinion, it is a tricky / open ending. She feels guilty of being immortal ’cause her sister died, and she doesnt get used to a God-never ending life. Therefore, She wants to die as a normal person. In her another – after life, if Mui still remembers her Come to find her… The story then comes back to the moment when Soah first met Mui… that story can happens again and again…when Mui is always God… Soah is always human… but they love each other and live happily 🙂 so romantic…. a man is always chasing for the woman he loves ❤

  3. Hello! ♥

    Greetings from a loyal fan from here in the Philippines! ♥

    As usual, whenever a certain manga ends, I feel empty and depressed…. T_T

    Especially this one, which I have discovered almost exactly a year ago… (March 2014 or earlier!♥)

    This is one of the ‘long’ mangas/ manhwas that I read… and of course, LOVED…. To the bottom of my heart….♥♥♥

    I can’t help but cry…. The separation anxiety… T_T… Hope everything will be translated till the very end…. Hehe, my emotions…

    No, I don’t want to say that I’d be separated from it… I will always treasure this story in my heart like all the other mangas I’ve loved…. ♥♥♥

    That’s why I really thank you very much for bringing us the, loyal fans, the spoilers… You’re like a blessing from the heavens! ♥

    I can’t say I totally loved the ending.. .I still got hurt and heartbroken that in ended that way… Though not totally, as well… I would like to know if their daughter’s (I forgot her name! Ah, Yuhwah) alive all throughout Mui’s coming to her another ‘afterlife’ (which I don’t understand quite well, too, so hopefully translations will come) and searching for her….

    Although, yes, we all know, Mui will always come to find her, chase her, and love her all over again and again…. And so will Soah….But still, the ‘shoujo’ beat in my heart, since my heart is so scared and tired from reading heart-breaking joseis, I was hoping that they would really live as one happy family, ever after, forever and ever… ♥♥♥

  4. Hello guys
    Well.. I am waiting for the english translation.. Do you guys know where is the website that i can read faster and up to date? So curious about this manhwa.. I am currently reading till 146 chapter.. XDD

  5. omg thanks for the post manzxzxzzx lucky i can read chinese. they finally end up tgt so much struggle in the manga ughh but good end!

  6. Hey, just wanna say I love your blog. I really like this manga but I don’t know chinese or korea so luckly I found your post.
    Also you have the same taste of manga of me.
    My english is not good so I’m gonna stop here. Only few words but I hope you understand.
    Thanks for all your sharing.

    • Great to hear from you… actually all these manga were my favorite in high school. Now I ve started working life… so this regarded as my memory corner wwith all the best stuff … welcome ^^

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