[spoiler] Bride of water god chap 153-158

source: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17067.htm

CHAP 153

153 153-1

Mom is at home now .…        – Are you...?   – … Uncle?153-2 153-3

– You are young…already have bitterness and memories…  The so-called Class People …Although in the try person …bow the knee and face to face…153-4 153-5Chap 155

155 -1 155CHAP 157


If you haven’t come yet…say I were before the party is also157 157-2157-4

– “Vegetable son/ Habaek ! …Clan knowing...”

Mountain edge or Thunder… even the river dried up ..in winter or summer..waves or snow...157-5157-6

...on heaven or earth..157-7CHAP 158

158 158-2 158-3 158-4

…Come here, Mui…. make me believe that you are safe..158-5158-6

– I have been away for such a long time… Now, I’m back..158-7158-8158-9a

From this day onward, I will stay beside you and will show you to see many things in this world...158-9c158-9d

– This child is your daughter?


– “I heard from the Yellow Emperor that….that makes me hardly believe people...”

“We will be abide by the order, under the commandment of Yellow Emperor’s courtiers… the rebel army’s identity..”158-9g158-9h â

From now on, we will live here with you, Willow flower…

Do you and dad stay…?    … FOREVER?
158-9h mom and dad,me 3 p will live together forever158-9i158-9j

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