funny fact ab Harry Potter

The most amazing thong is the growth of the cast staff through 5 episodes: from their childhood to adult.

1.Most SHOCK!!!!!!! Neville Longbottom by Matthew Lewis

2. 1. Harry Porter by …

3. Draco Mafloy by Tom Felton

==== Tom * Ema

But Emma confesses on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight on ITV1 that it was Tom – who played baddie Draco Malfoy – who broke her heart.

She said: “Between the ages of ten and 12 I had a crush on Tom. I used to go into work in the morning and look at the call sheet to see if he was going to be in every day. He was a bad guy, a few years older than me, and had a skateboard and that did it for me.

Feltson - tom-felton-and-emma-watson Photo

4.  Back for more

5. voldemort  by Ralph Fiennes

6. Ron Weasley  by Rupert Grint: seem most unchanged ^^

all in all, we are still friends ❤


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