Unique men from Olympic

1.Russia’s Ivan Ukhov

men’s high jump – ivan ukhov (who looks EXACTLY like i imagine the guys in my russian fantasy novels to look like)

= won the Olympic men’s high jump title on Tuesday with a best of 2.38 metres, the second-best in the world this year.

The long-haired Ukhov last month cleared 2.39m to win the Russian championships, the highest jump in 2012.

His previous major victories have all come indoors, at the 2010 world indoor championships as well as at the 2009 and 2011 European indoors.

Ivan Ukhov, 2008


2. men’s gymnastics -(NeD) Epke zonderland MEN Horizontal Bar GOLD medal

and Fabian hambüchen = MEN Horizontal Bar SILVER medal

(plus marcel nguyen) wins two silver medals (Parallel bars + Individual All-around)



Men’s Parallel barsimage

Germany gymastics team


men’s discus – robert harting (didn’t want that politically instrumentalized iranian guy to win)


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