what is IDOL’s films ^^

The following films are IDOL’s film I was once crazy for it…Just memoirs =))


1. Full house (2004) Song Hye Kyo * Bi Rain

2. Boys over flowers (2009-Jan-05 to 2009-Mar-31)

#lee min ho acts as  #jun pyo

#Geum Jan Di  by #Goo Hye Sun

3. You’re beautiful/handsome =2009

Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki)

#pig rabbit

4. Mary stayed out all night (2010)

#wi mae ri BY #Moon Geun Young

#Kang Mu Gyul BY  #Jang Geun Suk

kim jae wook

5. Playful kiss/ Mischievous kiss = 2010

#Baek Seung Jo * #Oh Ha Ni (OR #Kim Hyun joong  * #jung so min)

“In this world, I probably know best. The person I like doesn’t look at me but looks at someone else.. Smiles for someone else. I can’t truthfully be jealous either. I think if two people naturally like each other, it’s almost like miracle. Someday, will that miracle come true for me too?”

Oh Ha NiPlayful Kiss


1. Down with love = 2010 (#ella chen * #jerry yan)

2. Hi my sweetheart! (2009)

#show luo *  #rainie yang

(Hai Pai Tian Xin) “Hi My Sweetheart” Dance


3. Prince turns into Frog (2005)  ming dao * Chen QiaoEn (Joe Chen)

+#mathew lin as lin chao zhang

4. Fated to love you [2008]  Chen Xin Yi x Cun Xi

(Ethan Ruan * Chen QiaoEn (Joe Chen))

“A girl is just too innocent when she is fooled for the first time, too naive if she is fooled for the second time. And if she is still fooled for the third time, she is stupid.”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen), Fated to love you/命中注定我愛你/Mìng zhòng zhù dìng wǒ ài nǐ

Ethan Ruan (阮經天)



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