[ARASHI] Ohno Satoshi

  • Name: 大野智
  • Name (romaji): Ohno Satoshi
  • Nicknames: Ridaa (Leader) / Captain / Oh~Chan / Satoshi-kun / Samii (By Nino)
  • Profession: Actor, singer and show host
  • Birthdate: 1980-Nov-26
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Blood type: A
  • Star sign: Sagittarius

more info of ARASHI

act as Enomoto Kei in Kagi no Kakatta Heya / The Locked Room Murders/  鍵のかかった部屋 (2012-Apr-16 to 2012-Jun-25)

down FILM


❤Enomoto Kei & Naruse Ryo❤


MORE at ohfever.tumblr




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