Okada Masaki

23th April 2012

7th May 2012

May 10th 2012, he’s so womanly + CHILDISH^^

Nov 14th 2011

i give my first love to y with Inoue Mao


and in his newest film : Space Brothers, together with Oguri Shun.

act as  Black Jack (Kuro Hazama) in ” Young Black Jack” | Yangu Burakku Jakku (NTV / 2011)

his eyes always seem so sad 😦 but it’s so addicted 🙂


he seems to lose weigh recently !!!

ADMIRABLE height ❤

some refreshed images – so cute and so young with short hair

==== far far ago with angel face 🙂

P/s: I do not own any of these photos, just share for my interest in MASAKI ❤

from: thisdoofus.tumblr


7 thoughts on “Okada Masaki

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    • I do not make the Gifs, just get it and pix from the Internet, esp from Tumblr. 😀 and as far as I know his hobby does not include guitar. I think it’s just for the shot 😉

      • Me again! Just finished watching Space Brothers. Masaki did play guitar there! In a flashback scene. He plays guitar… sobsobsob…OMG…. And he speaks English! Fluently, I’d say. With an accent, but I can still understand him. OMG OMG OMG… You should see Space Brothers. He’s amazing there!

      • welcome back 😀
        I am intend to watch Space Brothers in near future, I love both Masaki and Oguri Shun <3… OMG I love seeing Masaki play guitars, it must be… so beautiful ^^ also I am crazy for this hair style this time, thank u!

      • Oh, his guitar scene was beautiful! I can’t hear him singing (perhaps he cannot sing, hahaha!), but he dId sing as he played the guitar in a bar with friends. But the Space Brothers I saw in Dramacrazy wasn’t Eng subbed yet. If you speak fluent Japanese (which I assume you are), then it’s no prob. The movie has 20% conversations in English anyway, so it was relatively easy for me to follow. And Shun was cute and fun in afro!

      • huhu :((( u’re so right, I just found the Japanest version. Though I can not understand much, I still enjoying watching Masaki’s scenes …. playing guitar, that’s happy enough ^^… I while waiting for his future plan, I am watching Otomen’s series again , so funny 😀

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