hana kimi Japan vs Taiwan vers

“Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” (Hana Kimi/花ざかりの君たち) 2007 VS  ” Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu” 2007


Oguri Shun (Sano Izumi) vs Woo Chun (Zuo Yi Quan)

My personal idea is Shun is the best for Sano, his hair, his face, his way of expressing feelings and protecting Mizuki make me so moved and admired. If I had a boy friend in real life at least, he should be 1/10 of Sano =)))

2. Mizuki 

Horikita Maki  (Ashiya Mizukivs TAI: Ella Chen (S.H.E) (Lu Rui Xi/ Lương Thụy Hi)

Ella of Taiwan ver is so so cute and funny, she’s like a baby girl in love, do every stupid but brave thing for her love, sometimes even be so greedy for Sano’s beauty ;))

“True love is something not everyone is able to experience. But even though it hasn’t happened, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Therefore, I want to use my own strength to prove the existence of love!”

盧瑞莃 (Lu Rui Xi), Hana Kimi 

Maki is also stunning for her cute, emotional character (besides she even has some manly moment in some shoots like…)

3. Nakatsu

Ikuta Toma (Nakatsu Shuichi) vs Wang Dong Cheng / Jiro Wang (Jin Xiu Yi)

Each boy of Jap and Tai versions gives me different feelings. They’re both so foolish in love, no hesitate to change themseles for the person they really fall for even accepting the fact that “i’m a homo”


Nakatsu even dare to do so funny things, that’s why i’m so crazy for Japan-fun style ^^


jiro wang



4. OST and film cut scene


JAP: “Girl friends” sports dance make the unforgettable ending 😀

JAP main casts:

3 headers of dormitories

and such a cute witch boy:Yusuke Yamamoto




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