First Impressions – Space Brothers (spring 2012)

The content of the anime is shown as in the banner: Space Bros. follows story of two brothers, Mutta and Hibito, who took a pledge as children to travel to space. Hibito, the younger brother, eventually grows up to become an astronaut. Mutta, in turn, ends up making a living working as an ordinary salaryman; that is until his life takes a completely unexpected turn.

Two boys, one dream.  On an ordinary night, 13 year-old Hibito and his older brother Mutta stare into the sky and see something that changes their lives forever. It is actually a UFO, flying towards the Moon. That night, Hibito and Mutta promise each other that one day they will surely be able to explore the space as astronauts.

Blessed with better luck and bigger ambition, Hibito follows his dream and becomes part of the first group of humans to inhabit the Moon. At that time, older brother Mutta, who turned out to be an ordinary salaryman in an automotive company, lost the path to his dream, as well as his job…

There’s still hope, however, because Hibito sends a special message to his brother urging him to follow their mutual dream and join him on the Moon. Mutta cannot ignore his brother’s plea and swears to fight his way through the astronaut training to become stronger and better, just like an older brother should be….

but the live action is more than crazy with the appearance of my 2 favorite guy: Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki 🙂 kawaiiiiiiiii ❤

The film (live – action) will open in Japan on May 5.

Koyama’s Uchū Kyōdai manga is also receiving a television anime adaptation from A-1 Pictures that began airing on April 1.

official trailer

TV ad:!

Spring Anime 2012 Season Preview: Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers; 宇宙兄弟)

OP:  “Feel So Moon” by Unicorn

ED by Rake

To watch ANIME

EP 1   EP 2  EP 3


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