Hot boys in my eyes :)


It’s undeniable that No.1 is  Shota Matsuda, a brilliant Japanese actor.

I am so crazy for him ( since series: Liar Game)  and make his own topic, you can find out more here Shota

His role as a unique model also makes me more admire his talent ^^

2. Cổ Cự Cơ: mr. IDOL

Right from the moment I catch this man’s eyes in film “Tân dòng sông ly biệt” or “Romance in rain”, i know he is the idol of my life.

though this feeling can’t last long he still has a deep impression in my heart (since 2001 up to now :).

“can’t take my eyes of you” is the best word for him 😡

He is also the typical man I desire in love: realiable, honest, thoughful, clever and humorous … 😡

3. Kimura Takuya – mr. MANLY

A Japanese actor again!  back to know MORE

( don’t know if my future has st to do with Japan or not, rightnow I still fall for this country’s men^^)

Actually Kimura is a singer in the most favoured-ever band name: SMAP

My love for him also through the film Moon Lover (in which he joined together with Shota Matsuda). I was not only moved by the man Kimura acts in the film but also by his attraction in real life.

Bonus: little “Brothers

Okada Masaki- Seto Koji

Okada masaki is so famous through movie: “I give my first love to you” as well as TV drama “Otomen”

back to know MORE

– Seto Koji deserves to be a “so-cute” brother, attracting others by his pure beauty:)

back to know MORE



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