[BWG] Comic collection No.1 “the bride of water god”

the bride of water god

let’s get started with the main female actor: SO-AH

& main male character: Water God – Habaek or Mui

he has a secret that at daytime he is a little kid until midnight he’ll turn into a real man, so he has to hide this secret from his bride :((

Instead of telling her the truth he introduces himself as Water God ‘s cousin named MUI

Soah is so scared of the new world and begins to fall into a dangerous love with Mui (or Habaek)

th answer to his secret lies in his old love story with a girl named Nakbin who has the appearance with SoAh

Nakbin was forced to marry Habaek but he still loved her brother – Hoo-ye, so she tried to kill Habaek according to Heaven God’s plan to save her beloved brother. And the outcome was Habaek didn’t die but was cursed to turn into a child during daytime. … on the other hand Nakbin died to save Habaek ’cause she still loved Habaek to some extent. Habaek was so sad and guilty until the day she met SoAh, the girl changed his life 🙂

However the Heaven God can not take easy on Habaek because an old story too. It is said that the Heaven God loved Habaek’s mother but his mother loved and got married to his father. He was combined of 2 powerful forces so his power is really dangerous in Heaven God’s eye. That’s why the Heaven God try to kill him again by sending … back to life to attract his attention.

Habaek parents ( they was departed in order to protect Habaek too -so sad!!!! )

but REAL LOVE can against any obstacles and HE in the end is easy to understand ❤ Let’s ENJOY this comic best pictures 🙂

Love wins unless a bad consequence that Habaek has to hurt 1 of his eyes to pay back to Nakbin and save Soah!


some great pics about Soah

black & white

p/s: Nói thật mình bị cuồng nét vẽ comic của Korea ngay từ bộ Fullhouse or Goong, cho đến bộ này lại càng phê hơn- nét vẽ của tác giả MUI caca vô cùng phóng túng, tóc ngắn đẹp trai thôi rồi và Soah tỷ tỷ vẻ ngoài kiều diễm dễ thương. Cho dù nhiều ng chê bộ này nội dung k hay và khó hiểu ( mjh đọc bản eng nên mãi cũng mới ngộ ra đấy chứ) nhưng túm lại đây là 1 bộ truyệ khá ấn twowngk với mình và mỗi lần xem lại khiến mình rung rinh chán. Mời các bạn thưởng thức và COM nhiệt tình nhé …. Thân ^^

Source: minitokyo


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